The most precise sleep prediction technology ever

Sleep Advice Technologies Srl is an innovative start-up established in Turin (Italy).
The core team of the Company has a long-lasting professional experience in different areas: public health and sleep medicine, electronic engineering and transportation. The company has developed a unique and patented IP to detect the transition between the behavioral states of a subject (e.g. awake, drowsiness, sleeping) and, most of all, to predict the sleep onset well before could lose the control of his/her activities.
The IP has been extensively tested through a rigorous scientific approach with the support of Jmedical Srl in Turin (Italy), and in tight cooperation with a leading international engineering service provider.


Sleep Advice Technologies wins at the 2023 Garmin Health Summit: PREDICTS for safer roads and improved quality of life

In a groundbreaking achievement, Sleep Advice Technologies emerged victorious at the 2023 Garmin Health Summit, clinching the top spot in the Insurance & Employee Health category. Our company's innovative creation, PREDICTS, has garnered acclaim for its exceptional contribution to the realm of smartwatch-enabled digital health solutions.



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4-7 Sept. 2023

IAA Mobility 2023

Munich, Germany

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